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This sounds amazing but how much is it? 

If you want the cheapest, this is not it. If you want a personalized, luxury, full-day, transformative self-love experience that will leave you feeling sexy and confident, you found it. The session fee is $795 and client investment in digital images, prints, albums and collections begins at $1995. We offer pre-session payment plans and accept afterpay! 

where and when do you shoot sessions? 

We pre-schedule and advertise specific boudoir session dates. Sessions take place on weekdays, and makeup and prep begins at 9 am. Most sessions are shot in our studio in Westminster Maryland, or we can shoot at a location of your choice (we can even shoot outside if you want!) A travel fee may apply for alternate locations. We also sometimes offer special on-location themed shoots!
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Everyone in these photos looks so chill, how? I am super nervous! 

The bottom line is, we know this is most likely a new experience. We know you are stepping out of your comfort zone. We got you. Before the session, we will get to know your vision, your preferences, your fears. We will use that info to guide you step by step in styling and posing. I promise you will be surprised how quickly you feel comfortable, and you will laugh the whole session (in between sultry posing haha). PS- join our fun private facebook community to say hello to us, get insider info from past clients, and stalk the most recent sessions :) 


I am curvy, is this just for skinny chicks??

Umm what?? Heck no this is for EVERY body. Don't you dare let the thought cross your mind that you are too [insert negative self-talk adjective here] for boudoir. Don't tell yourself you will do it after you [insert negative crap about fixing your "flaws" here]. In fact, if you are feeling insecure for any reason, that is all the more reason that we encourage you to do this as you are RIGHT NOW. Celebrate yourself as you are. We can't wait to see you view your final images, and STOMP those insecurities into the ground. 


exactly How naked do I need to get? 

You can go as tame or as wild as you want. It's up to you how much you want covered (or uncovered). You may start out with no intention of taking things off, but then get comfortable and decide to go a step further-and we will always respect your preferences.  We can also do"implied nudity" where we make things steamy but keep it more reserved by using angles and shadows. It is totally up to you, and you will never be pressured.

When will I Get to see My Photos?

TWO HOURS after your session. Yep, you read that right. We will get to work right away editing your images so that you can go grab lunch or a coffee, and come back and view them that very same day. When you come back, we will walk you through all of the options for ordering products and packages. Turnaround time for retouched digital galleries is 2-3 weeks. Turnaround time for albums is 4-6 weeks. We do offer rush options for an additional fee.

Can I keep my photos private?

Absolutely. All photo galleries are private and password protected. However, if you love them and want me to share them with future clients, we would LOVE to do so. After you view the images, we will give you the option to sign a release to allow your images to be shared with future clients. There is no obligation or pressure to do so, though. And if you don't want them shared, they will always remain private. 


Yes and no. Yes, we use flattering posing, careful use of angles and meticulous editing to help you look like the best version of yourself. That said, we value self-love, body positivity and authenticity, and you should too (especially if you hired us)! That means if your butt doesn't already look like Kim K's, it probably won't look like it in your edited photos, either, but that is ok, because I am quite certain your butt is amazing already lol!  In all seriousness though: we don't typically do extensive editing to change things that make you you because we like you the way you are. Things like color correction and small blemish removal are included, but things like digitally altering your body shape are not. However if it is something you desperately want, it can usually be done but there is a per-image flat rate fee associated with those types of extensive edits. 

Can I bring a friend or my significant other with me?

No, but I promise it is for good reason. This experience works best when you and your photographer make a connection. Believe it or not, having someone else in the room, even if it is someone you love, can be a huge distraction and can get us off track. The only input and opinions that matter to us are yours, and the easiest way to build your trust is to have a chance to chat and connect during your session. We get that it can be a little scary to come into this experience blind, which is why we make sure to chat with you long before your session. The number one thing my clients say about us is that we feel like a friend. This is so important to us because we want you to feel 100% comfortable, and we want you to know we are truly invested in making this an amazingly positive experience!  *****However, we do offer a "Share Your Session Date" discount where you and a friend book a 3 hour session on the same date and split the time evenly. It is a good way to have a fun girls day with a friend while also getting a deal on your session fee :) Contact us for more info about this promotion!

Why We're Different

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We have a studio.

We have and beautiful, modern boudoir studio in Maryland. That means you have a beautiful space to enjoy that is specifically set up to create some magical images and a fun and relaxing experience.


We are female-owned and operated.

We are a female-owned boudoir studio. That means you can relax and feel comfortable knowing we understand how vulnerable this experience can feel. We are here to make it fun and confidence-building. 


We specialize in boudoir.

Specializing in boudoir means that we know how to guide and pose you to flatter all of your favorite parts. We understand that everyone has their own insecurities and vulnerabilities. We use a thorough questionnaire to find out all of your preferences ahead of time.

We keep it interesting. 

And edgy, and cool, and modern. I know you remember cheesy Victoria's Secret catalog poses from the 90s. This isn't that. We help you look and feel not only sexy but also badass and cool.


We offer styling help and a client closet.

Not sure what to wear? Leave it to us. We have a client closet with dozens of options in all sizes. And if you want to bring your own outfits, we can give you shopping advice and offer complimentary pre-session style consults. 

"I did a boudoir shoot with her recently and when I saw my photos I was in literal shock. In The past I have had self confidence issues... and boudoir was not something I was totally comfortable in doing, because I am a bit on the curvy side. But seeing her work previously by tons and tons of people of all kinds of shapes and sizes gave me the confidence to try it out. OH MY GOD am I glad I did. "

- Casey

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