We Believe....

  • Boudoir is for every body. Read that again.

  • You are worthy of self- love.

  • It is healthy to celebrate your body and your sexuality.

  • Boudoir with us is as much about the experience as it is the end result. 

  • You will leave more confident than when you came in.

  • The best boudoir experience is spiritually transformative. 

not required.


You don't have to be perfect or fearless.
You don't have to be ready.

You just Need to be brave enough to show up for the opportunity to love yourself.

You might come to your session nervous
but I promise
you will leave smiling
and feeling confident AF. 

That's what she said... 

"I never thought I would be confident enough to do boudoir, but Karen just has a way of making you feel empowered and comfortable in your body."

I am a Goddess,
a glorious female warrior. 
~Leslie Knope


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"Karen killed it, seriously. I was nervous but she made me feel so comfortable... Body image is not my strong suit but she made all my dreams come true with these photos!!!" - Brittany

 I am Beyonce. Always. 

~ Michael Scott 

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