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Sleek & Sexy Metal Wall Art

Wall art let's you start and end each day with the confidence boost to set you on the right track. 

Pro tip: hang your wall art in the bathroom or closet to remind yourself who TF you are!  


Fine Art Albums

Albums make a beautiful keepsake to

look back on, or a bomb ass gift to a loved one or yourself! We have standard albums that come with black leather, or we have lots of fun album cover color and fabrics to personalize your book.

*keep scrolling for more details
on album options at the bottom of this page

Unique Vintage Viewfinders

How fun is this quirky lil throwback gadget? If you love all things retro and unique, this is for you!

Compare Album Qualities


Standard Album

  • standard black leather cover only

  • pages lay flat but are slightly bendable

Premium Album

  • cover color and fabric of your choice

  • pages lay flat and do not bend

Premium Album
Cover Options 




Distressed Leathers


What's a Mobile App?

A mobile app gives you instant access to your images whenever you need a confidence boost. It can be installed on as many devices as you want. It provides a designated safe place for your photos to live on your phone, no more accidental scrolling through your nudes while trying to show Grandma a photo of your dog haha. But my favorite part about the mobile app is that the icon is YOU! 

Click play to see what the mobile app looks like on a phone...


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