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invest in self-love





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we believe....

  • Boudoir is for every body. Read that again.

  • You are worthy of self- love.

  • It is healthy to celebrate your body and your sexuality.

  • Boudoir with us is as much about the experience as it is the end result. 

  • You will leave more confident than when you came in.

  • The best boudoir experience is spiritually transformative. 

is not required.


You don't have to be perfect or fearless.

You don't have to be ready.

You just Need to be brave enough to show up for the opportunity to love yourself.

You might come to your session nervous

but I promise


you will leave smiling

and feeling confident AF. 

The Power of Boudoir

hey you...You are good enough.

When is the last time you did something for you? As women we are bombarded with messages daily that tell us we aren't good enough, and often, without even realizing it, we start to believe it. Add to that daily responsibilities and stress of work, kids, and life in general- raise your hand if you often feel feel burned out, stressed or maybe just forgotten in the shuffle. Well, let's fix that. 


spread some self love

Think about the things you say to yourself when you look in the mirror- would you say those same things to your best friend? If not, why are you saying them to yourself? Boudoir is a unique opportunity to love and celebrate yourself. Let's use our time together upgrade your inner dialogue to nothing but love and positivity! 

Feel like a badass 

Let me guess- you  have never done this before, you have no idea how to pose, you're nervous.  Accurate? That's totally normal, and don't worry, I got you! I am here to make this a fun, comfortable experience. We will laugh, we will hang out, and I will guide you through step by step and make you look and feel like a rockstar.  You may come in feeling nervous but I guarantee you will leave with more confidence than you knew you had. My goal for our time together is to help you remember (or discover) everything that is awesome about you. I want you to feel like the confident, sexy, beautiful BADASS that you are.

This is for you. 

This experience is for everybody. And I mean that. It is for EVERY body. Let's celebrate what you look like right now. YOU ARE GORGEOUS. Let our session together give you fresh eyes to see that. This will be a fun, transformative experience that will help you see yourself the way everyone else does. How do I know? Because I felt that transformation myself (see that pic right there? That is ME in those fishnets, with a newfound confidence and sense of self). Yep, I have had this experience first hand, and I know how powerful it is. It is the ultimate act of self-love and self-care, and you will not regret it. Let's make some magic.

That's what she said... 

"Karen killed it, seriously. I was nervous but she made me feel so comfortable... Body image is not my strong suit but she made all my dreams come true with these photos!!!" - Brittany

Simple Pricing: How it works

before your session:  pay retainer to secure the session date

One Hour $495

Two Hours  $595

Three Hours $795

All Sessions Include Professional Makeup

Add Pro Hair Styling $75



After your Session: View and Purchase photos & Products


a la carte products



Single Image (10 image minimum) $40

20 Edited Digital Images $500

30 Edited Digital Images $650

40 Edited Digital Images $775

50 Edited Digital Images $875

Add Mobile App for $50

Albums + Keepsakes

// Keepsakes

16x24 Metal Wall Art $450

5x7 Heirloom Image Box

w/ 10 mounted prints $450

w/ 20 mounted prints $650

// Albums 

5x5 Little Black Book 10 pages $650

8x8 Fine Art Album 20 pages $750

10x10 Fine Art Album 20 pages $850

12x12 Fine Art Album 20 pages $950

10 extra album pages $200

// Add ons: 

Upgrade & Personalize Your Album $200

(note: these items do not include digital photos)

Payment Plans Available

  • Get $100 off any collection when you pre-pay

  • or Create your own post-session payment plan


Collection One


30 Edited Digital Photos (value $650)

12x12 30 Page Fine Art Album

(value $1150)
Mobile App (value $50)

best  value 

VALUE $1850, YOU SAVE $355

Collection Two


25 Edited Digital Photos (value $600)

10x10 25 Page Fine Art Album (value $900) 

Mobile App (value $50)

best for gifts 

VALUE $1550, YOU SAVE $255

Collection Three


20 Edited Digital Photos (value $500)

8x8 20 Page Fine Art Album (value $750) 

Mobile App (value $50)

most popular 

VALUE $1300, YOU SAVE $305

Collection Four


10 Edited Digital Photos (value $400) 

5x7 Heirloom Image Box

w/ 10 Mounted Prints (value $450) 

Mobile App (value $50)

simplest choice

VALUE $950 YOU SAVE $105

  Collection Bonus Upgrades & policies

  •  Add 10 digitals to any collection for $150

  •  Add 10 pages to any album purchased in a collection for $150

  •  Upgrade & personalize any album in a collection for $150

  • Pick up your products at the studio and get all images in both color & black and white

  •  Images used in albums & boxes will correspond with digital images included in the package. 

more questions?

check out the FAQ > 


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"She made me laugh the whole time feeling like it was just two girlfriends hanging out. She made me feel proud to be in the skin I am in, and I now have zero shame in who I am or the body I have. Karen made it so easy to love myself again." -Casey

"I did a boudoir shoot with her recently and when I saw my photos I was in literal shock. The past few years, I have had a ton of self confidence issues in my body... and boudoir was not something I was totally comfortable in doing, because I am a bit on the curvy side (what can I say I love pasta more than working out). But seeing her work previously by tons and tons of people of all kinds of shapes and sizes gave me the confidence to try it out. OH MY GOD am I glad I did. "

- Casey

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